KÜMAŞ Magnesite Inc. was established as a publicly listed company in 1972. Its founding purpose was to improve the Turkish economy through mining of magnesite ore  in the Kütahya-Eskişehir-Bilecik triangle and adding value through the production of sinter magnesia, basic refractory brick and mortars. A primary objective being to decrease the dependency of Turkish industrial sectors such as iron, steel and cement on imports and initiate export into these business sectors.  KÜMAŞ has grown swiftly from its beginnings, with production of sinter magnesia  in 1976, through  a newly established brick plant  in 1990 and fused magnesia production in 1990.

Today, KÜMAŞ produces and supplies sinter magnesia, fused magnesia, fused oxychrom and calcined magnesia. These products  are derived from high quality macrocrystalline natural magnesite ore for supply into the industrial minerals market. In addition KÜMAS produces magnesia, doloma and alumina based refractory brick and mortars in its integrated refractory plant. KÜMAŞ mines its own raw materials, thereby  gaining advantage of continuity in production, consistently high quality products and cost control which is reflected in the  commerciality to its customers.


KÜMAŞ is founded with last prospective tecnology and it has continued to grow swiftly. It is one of the best known foundation in the sector and a solution partner for the sectors which it serves with its experience, technical equipment and production capacity.


Being a reliable solutions driven partner in both refractory and magnesia products as demanded by the iron-steel, refractory, cement and glass sectors. Playing an important role in development of the Turkish economy, whilst being focused on environmental issues, and creating value for its customers and stakeholders.


Maintaining the leading position in Turkey and being a leading brand in at least one category in the field of magnesite and/or magnesite-derived products in the world and being a preferable brand in the refractory sector through:

  • the support of KÜMAŞ’s global and regional partners,
  • high level technical support,
  • customer oriented R&D .

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